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Northern Region

     Attractions & Campgrounds

       A spiritual land, full of shrines and monuments,
      mansions and museums, antiques and boutiques.

     Attractions of the Northern Region
     Adventure  Park  USA: Amusement  theme  park  and  family  fun
       center. Mini-golf, laser tag, go-karts & more. (301) 865-6800
     Antietam National Battlefield: Antietam is the site of the bloodiest
     one-day  battle  in  American  history,  where  more  than  23,000
       soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours of
       savage combat on September 17, 1862. The Battle of  Antietam
     ended the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia’s first  invasion
     into  the  North  and  led  to  Abraham  Lincoln’s  issuance  of  the
       preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. (301) 432-5124
     Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo: One of the finest private
       animal parks on the East Coast. Exotic animals reside on 50 acres,
     with  more  than  300  species.  Ramble  through  the  landscaped
       gardens or take the safari ride, meeting animals who jump, swim,
     fly, roar and tweet to greet you. (301) 271-4922                                                        l
     Crystal  Grottoes  Caverns: Maryland’s only commercial under-
     ground caverns, with a spectacular 40 minute tour along dry, clean
     walkways  through  brilliantly  lighted  chambers.  Knowledgeable
     guides explain the history, formations, and geological aspects of
     the caverns. (301) 432-6336
     Discovery Station Hagerstown: Hands-on learning environment
     featuring science, history, technology, space exploration and more.
     (301) 790-0076
     Fort Frederick State Park: From 1756, during the French and Indian
     war period, best preserved original stone fort in North America.
     (301) 842-2155
     Maryland Theatre: Restored 1915 vaudeville house, anchor to arts
     and entertainment center. (301) 790-2000
     Mountain City Traditional Arts Center: Appalachian art workshops
     and a retail outlet selling local works. (301) 687-8040
     National Museum of Civil War Medicine: The museum offers a
     look at the Civil War through the eyes of the wounded and care-
     givers. (301) 695-1864
     National Shrine Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes: Museum dedi-
     cated to America’s first native-born Saint. Oldest replica in the
     Western Hemisphere. (301) 447-5318
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