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as its roots and history in Maryland!

   Back in 1921, most Americans associated camping with
   sleeping in tents during the Great War or people who were
   homeless. These early experiences created a new aware-
   ness of the adventures that awaited in the great outdoors,

             Dining at the lazy susan
   where Maryland played a pivitol role. In fact, camping
     became so widely embraced by the public, that the outings
   by The Vagabonds ended in 1924 due to the crowds of
     onlookers that followed.

                                 Despite the end of those
                                 early  outings,  Maryland
                                 continued its role of host-
                                 ing presidential outdoor
                                 retreats with the opening
                                 of what was first known
                                 as Hi-Catoctin in the
                                 wooded hills of Catoctin
    Aspen Lodge at Camp David, 1961
                                 Mountain   Park   near
   Thurmont. Renamed Shangri-La by President Franklin D.
     Roosevelt, then renamed Camp David by President Dwight
   D. Eisenhower, Camp David plays a pivitol role in allowing
   our presidents and invited world leaders to get away to the
   great outdoors of Maryland.

    Maryland camping today

   Thanks to Maryland State Forester Francis Champ Zumbrun and
   the Library of Congress for historical background and photos.
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